My name is Vivek Naik, I am the founder of Cropstacks and I will be your guide here on the site. I will be sharing my experiences on the journey to be self-sufficient in growing my own food at home. The goal is to grow all the fresh vegetables and fruits (that we normally buy from the market) in the small space at home. This is particularly challenging as I live in an apartment located in an urban part of North Goa, India.

The reason for doing this is to show that we can take action if are worried about the food we eat. I am no expert at gardening and if I can learn to do this so can you. I will be sharing my experiences, challenges, triumphs, failures, and learnings as I go along this path. So follow the blog and subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself in the loop.

This site exists to learn and teach how to grow real food near the place it is consumed. I want to make food production of future less dependent on transportation, storage, and large agricultural lands.

I want to ensure that our future generations can access fresh, real, safe, healthy food where ever they go…

Some of the ways I am trying to affect the future of food production and consumption:

a. By developing technologies/methods allowing distributed production of food

b. Enabling Families and communities grow their own food

c. Enabling Farmers to grow fresh produce that they can get to their consumers with minimal transportation and storage

The purpose of writing this blog is to share the knowledge and learn from others. Are you too starting to grow your own food or have already been on this journey… I would to hear from you. Your thoughts and comments are welcome.