The Danger is not only pesticides… so many harmful things have crept into the food that you eat.

It’s not real till it happens to You

You may be thinking that eating lot vegetables is safe and healthy. But this is not the case if you are buying these from your local market.

You are eating the worst form of poisons through these healthy vegetables!

You have seen this on TV or read about it in a newspaper. There is so much news about adulterated food. Things like vegetables washed in sewage, artificially colored or ripened have become commonplace.

But what happens? Do you change overnight? Do you stop buying these vegetables?

Yes, maybe few wowed to buy organic food. Most of us watch or read about it and forget. I hope you are not one of them.

I have been this person too.There was a time when I  believe this sort of things don’t happen here (in Goa). Till I saw this going on the social media. It shows how they use sewage water to clean coriander at Mapusa, Goa.

The fact that I have bought from this place made me very uncomfortable. All a sudden I could see the impact of this event on my own life. I could now visualize how badly I am affected by this.

Only when you see the problem affecting you personally you realize that it is real… and you too are vulnerable.

I knew I had to make a change and I did not want to be like all the others who just complain about it… then share it on Facebook. Then within a week forget all about it and go back to the same market.

Thus my goal is to grow what I eat!

How Safe Is Your Food

There is a whole lot of bad stuff that can happen to your food before it ends up on your plate. It was scary watching these videos and pictures. This may not be a complete list. But it is enough to know how many unwanted chemicals are present in your everyday vegetables.

This is a serious issue and I want you to read it carefully. Few of these things will shock you and I know that all of them will make you worry… I was and I still get worried the more I read about it.

Pesticides will remain as residue on vegetables and fruits. Sometimes we can remove most of the pesticide if we wash them or get rid of the skin. They are much harder to remove then you think. I doubt you can safely say all the pesticide is gone. Best bet is to eat only the pesticide-free produce. Unless you have access to organic vegetables you will have a tough time figuring out how. One way, of course, is growing your own. Do you still have a doubt about the pesticides being bad? check out the video about how spraying pesticides without protection affected these farmers.

2.The Artificial Coloring of Fruits and Vegetables:
Unsold vegetables are made to look fresh by painting them. Sometimes a waxy coating added to make them look fresh and shiny. You could easily tell this by the look and feel of the vegetable or fruit. You can even put it in warm water and see whether it releases any color or oily residue.

3. Injecting Hormones for Oversized Vegetables:
This is normally done on vegetables like pumpkin or Bottle gourd. Oxytocin which is a hormone is injected into the plant. This is supposed to produce oversized fruits in very less time. It is hard to tell for sure if the things you buy have growth hormone. One way you can avoid it is by not buying something that looks oversized. It is much safer to buy imperfect small sized vegetables.

4.Washing in Sewage Water:
Yes, sewage water! It is used by vegetable vendors to wash the vegetables and make them look fresh. If you eat this without properly washing … then you know what you are eating. This can lead to sickness like diarrhea. If the water also happens to be coming from industrial waste then you are in more trouble. More about that in next item on this list.

5. Growing in Toxic Places Rich in Heavy Metals:
Abandoned industrial areas have high chances of having residual toxic waste. This could be harmful chemicals and heavy metals that are easily absorbed by the plants. Also places close to where they dump dangerous industrial waste have a similar issue. Vegetables are cultivated in such places due to lack availability of space to grow. Heavy metals have also be found in places that use municipal wastewater for irrigation. There is no easy way for you to know the presence of heavy metals in your vegetables. You will have to get it tested at a lab. The effects of this are quite serious. It can lead to various of kidney and liver. A prolonged exposure could even cause cancer.
[Research Paper] Heavy Metals in Vegetables.

6. Artificial Ripening:
The artificial ripening is an unnatural way to ripen fruits. Chemicals like ethylene and growth hormones are used to ripen the fruits in matter hours. Usually done so that ripe fruits are available to sell immediately in the market. It is not easy to figure out if this is done to your fruits. But if you see a bunch of bananas where all are equally ripe and have no spots, chances are they have been ripened.

Whom do you blame for all this?
It is me and you who have allowed this to happen.

Do you even know where the spinach, that you had for lunch yesterday, was grown? Who grew it?

We have distanced ourselves from the farm and the farmer.

Most of the people living in cities have no clue how our food is grown. Without knowing who, where and how it was grown it is difficult to know what we are eating.

What are you doing about this?

If you are reading this and saying

“Oh, Nothing new here… I knew about this”

Then my question to you my friend is what are you doing about it? How safe is your food?

Have you become so complacent that you see all this yet you deny its existence. I hope not…. hey you have read so far. This means you are willing to do something about your food.

You may be wondering how can I alone make a difference. How can I change the entire farming and food production?

You don’t have to worry about changing the entire system all you got to do is start working on your own food.

Take a little step towards healthy eating and healthy living.

At least we may have eaten safer food in our childhood. But our children are growing up eating this tainted food. So, it is our responsibility to make a difference.

It all starts at home. You could make a conscious choice of eating healthy food. You can buy only organic food. Eating more of locally grown food from places you know.
Ok, you don’t have local farm growing organic food. Is buying organic produce too costly for you? Then grow your own food.

The best gift you can give yourself and your family is growing whatever you can at home.

Little effort now to grow your own food will go long way to keep you healthy for a lifetime. Health is wealth!

Take Action Now

So now before you get sucked back into your busy life take an action. You can take one right now without moving from your seat. Commit yourself to eat safe food… Say to yourself loudly…

I will only eat safe food from now on.

Growing may seem a daunting task if you have not done it before. But that should not stop you. You can grow your own food.

Best thing to do is grow something that is easy to grow and guarantees success.

Herbs are the easiest to grow. You can start growing mint or coriander!

Other easy ones are leafy vegetables like Spinach, Red Amaranth.

Find the easiest thing to grow and start growing. It is as simple as that. Are you still having trouble finding what to start with?  Then the next section may prove helpful to you.

The Easy to Grow Herbs to Get You Started

I want to help you get started with growing your own food.
Herbs are one of the easiest plants you can start growing. It is also very satisfying when you can use these fresh herbs in your cooking.
Here is free report about 7 simple herbs that you can grow right now and get started on this journey

Download it now and get started!

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